My Astrological Reading

The other day I had an appointment with Chris Flisher a local astrologer who is also a radio talk show host and Mandala artist.

It was great fun to get to meet up with the man in person, since I had known him only as a voice on his radio show for years and only chatted with him briefly once, about six weeks ago when he had another great astrologer, Debra Clement on as a guest.  I called in to get their takes on the upcoming Cardinal grand-cross configuration and its affects on me.

After already chatting for over an hour on the phone, we spent several more hours in person, chatting even more about astrology (…of course. What else?).

His office is in this great big red barn at the end of his driveway, decorated with an astrological chart and named Blue Star.

It is his artist’s studio as well, with mandala paintings hanging everywhere. A very cool setting.

So, besides intriguing astrological chat, he also actually did  interpret my natal chart too, which was amazing, as he touched on a few things which I had never even considered. And he was spot on.

It’s great to get another astrologer’s perspective on your own chart. I always say that it’s impossible to read our own charts (at least to read them accurately), as we’re just too close to them to be objective. So eliciting another astrologer’s expertise can be helpful, definitely.

Chris told me that because my North Node (the point in the chart which shows what we are here for, what energy we’re bringing in, in this lifetime) is at zero degrees Aries (considered the most Aries or the purest form of Aries), and coupled with my angular Uranus (conjunct my Ascendant) that I am definitely here to bring something completely new and unique to this world. He told me that he had absolutely no doubt that I will be bringing in something completely original and new and will be sharing this with the world. Great! Can’t wait!

At one point he said to me, “Well you, as an Aries…” and I thought he had misspoken but evidently he hadn’t!  I interjected half-jokingly, that I’m a Pisces and was born three weeks early so that I could, in fact be a Pisces instead of an Aries. He had another take on this. He said that because I’m an Aries I was impatient and anxious to get out and explore the world, so came three weeks early. I thought that was so funny I nearly fell off my chair with laughter.

I walked away from the visit with a lot to think about. I highly recommend Chris Flisher. He does telephone readings so that you don’t have to live nearby. And I highly recommend checking out his radio show on Saturday mornings, too.

Probably because of what Chris told me, for a few days now I’ve been exploring my Aries energy. And I have been feeling it more anyway, with both Jupiter and Uranus now in Aries. I feel far more impatient since Jupiter’s move from Pisces. It’s a dramatic change for me. When Jupiter was in Pisces, for me, it truly felt like:  “it’s all good”, very laid back and go with the flow sort of energy. Since its transit into Aries I have felt more energized but also sadly, more restless and impatient. Because of this I’ve made it a point to dedicate myself to my meditation, spending more time with it, and adding more structure to my life in various other ways as well. I’m hoping this will help. I’m pretty sure it will.