The ‘Nobody Loves Me’ Transit

Ah, yes…transiting Saturn opposed Natal Venus.

I’ve had this transit for about a month now, but it kicked into high gear this past weekend; especially Sunday, I was feeling very sad and all alone. No one was returning my emails for a long while and even when they did eventually, later on in the evening, I didn’t feel any better. I was enjoying my misery, I suppose. And the majority of myself was OK with that; I felt resigned, as if to say, Yes, this is how I’m supposed to feel (woe is me), cue Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ song here. 😉

Now, over the weekend Saturn was squaring Venus (in the sky). And as I have Saturn conjunct Venus natally, I’ve heard that I’m supposed to take such transits harder than most. And on top of that add in the above-mentioned transiting Saturn opposing my natal Venus and um, I got what I got. Oh, and stresses/fears/worries over money, to boot. That would be Venus/Saturn as well, yes.

Venus as ruler of our seventh house governs relationships and close friendships. As I have no relationship at the moment, those lack of emails were symbolic of this; and a lot of stress around close friends over the past month, come to think of it, too. Venus as the ruler of our second house rules self-esteem and Venus for women, our femininity or powers to attract, too, I suppose. So, I was feeling on the low side of those powers; not holding myself in the highest esteem. Venus also rules money (earned money) and although I was stressing mightily over finances this weekend, something very positive came out of these transits as well, as I was offered (officially) the opportunity to work (as soon as I want to) at my friend’s shop, doing what I love, astrology! How about that? Thank you, Saturn! They do say that Saturn brings gifts sometimes (don’t they?).

Saturn is trining Neptune in the sky right now. I’ve heard that this fulfills (Saturn) our wishes (Neptune) from back in 1997 (I think that’s what they said). And honestly, I can’t remember back then. But it’s something to think about, anyway. We’ll have this trine right through February 3rd when Neptune moves into Pisces (and even then there will be a trine still, but it will be out an of sign/element one). It’s a great time to reflect on what we’ve achieved and what we wish for ourselves and our lives, to take stock and to aspire; and also to accept. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus so here we can get in touch with Universal Love/unconditional love; forgive ourselves, accept ourselves and encourage ourselves with these new aspirations.

I’m so glad I’m back blogging on here. Did you miss me? Probably not. And I’m OK with that. 😉