Sadly Ignoring This Blog

Poor blog. I’m brushing the cobwebs away…hey, that’s appropriate, since it’s Halloween!

I’ve actually just started another blog (it’s linked with this one and I’m still not sure how this all works). But it has nothing at all to do with astrology (other than Saturn is currently transiting my first house and so, has me focusing on improving my body/health; and Pluto is squaring my Moon, which seems to be helping me to transform my health in very good ways). It’s a blog where I’ll be storing/posting all the healthy, grain-free recipes I’ve been working on since the spring.

I do intend to focus more on astrology, so expect more of *those* kinds of posts here. I’m going to start reading astrology books again (and re-reading the ones that I own) and then I’ll share the information I gleen, here. I am also going to start to do chart readings out of a friend’s shop. So, when I do I’ll post the info about that here.

Some great news as well as I’ll be visiting with my astrologer friend, Nora Jean Stone next week. She lives over in San Francisco but is visiting this area for a short while. So I’ll be writing about all that I learn from her (and I will learn a lot, I am sure)!

Happy Halloween!

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