I’m Back – Hooray!

Hey, everyone! So it’s been a while. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes (nice Pluto reference, I know), my blog has returned.

I hope to write more often (um, like not taking a year off again), about astrology, and so many other things which have inspired me lately–oh, and more photographs, too.

For one, I have some good news. Today I started a blog for my business (for my astrology readings and intuitive readings, too). It’s just under construction now but I’m feeling motivated and enthusiastic about it. I even ordered business cards!

What is the reason for this new-found motivation? Ah, I think it was a pep talk last night by my angel teacher, Elizabeth Foley. She was telling us (a group of about 50) that as Lightworkers (Is that what I am? Are you sure?) we need to get out there–to share our talents, to help the world. She was far more eloquent than that–but you get the gist. And she’s right, of course.

Part of me is kicking myself for not having started earlier (not that I’m old, but I’m not young, either); since I know astrology though, I understand that certain transits can trigger particular events and create definite themes in ones life. So, that which is occurring for me now, makes sense, given my natal chart and the current planetary aspects to it (we’re talkin’ major transformation).

About a month ago I had a free mini-reading on a Blogtalk radio show, by the astrologer Maria DeSimone (I believe it was on Matthew Currie’s show). Without getting into it much, she mentioned that I have an aspect in my chart which shows I lack confidence in my talents; I doubt the value of my talents and am hesitant to put myself ‘out there’ because of this. So, what’s a Lightworker to do? Fortunately, not all hope is lost. She mentioned that the current transits I am going through are helping with this issue (very true!). I think one of these particular transits is making me ask myself why I waited so long, too (as mentioned above). But you see, because of astrology I do know that now is supposed to be the time to take action. And anyway, I’m not one to live in regret-land for long (I much prefer Neptune-land).

I also learned from her (or perhaps another astrologer, maybe Anne Ortelee or Nora Jean Stone. I can’t remember…I’m getting that old) that having a mutable sign Mars (and especially Sagittarius) doesn’t particularly help me to sustain motivation. I tend to get enthused, start a project and then move on to the next thing without completing the first one. I understand that fixed-sign Mars people naturally have stamina and stay consistently motivated. Ah, well…perhaps in my next life?

That’s it for now. I plan on writing more often. Let’s keep in touch!

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