Angelic Messages

It was late at night on Saturday, after going through that crying  jag (off and on all afternoon), and coming out the other side– at the end of it all, I realized (basically, it just came to me out of the blue): the love we give is the love we have; that love stays within us always and we shouldn’t attach it to a particular person or time period at all. It was very simple but a revelation for me, after the day I had.  Little did I know it was just a taste of what was to come. It was late, so I went to bed but couldn’t sleep.

Still very wide-awake, I was inspired by a facebook post of Harriette Knight’s, one on automatic writing which I had watched earlier that day. I figured I’d give it a try (I hadn’t done it probably since I was in high school), as it may be helpful to dump out all of my subconscious demons from the day.

But I ended up instead, to my surprise, with angelic messages. I had taken an angel class the previous week but I was not expecting this. And not that I’m an expert, but these were definitely from that realm, in my estimation.

I thought that I would begin by typing  physical sensations then just whatever came into my mind. But the angelic messages came unbelievably quickly. I don’t remember when I realized it was from the other side but sometime early on, during the typing of it. And the message directly relates to what I had gone through that day. Amazing.

This is (basically) the message I channeled (leaving out only a few very personal parts):

I am going to type whatever nonsense comes into my head. Physical sensations, thoughts, anything. No pain. Needing messages desperately.

Why desperate? Why feel desperate? When you are loved always and held so dear in our eyes. You are loved dear one. Please remember this. No one stays forever but in our hearts. You can love them. You must love them. It’s OK and you are deserving. You are deserving of their love and of all love. You are a child of God and all is well. Remember these words for they are important for you.

The love you have that wells up, is for all humanity and not limited to the one that’s in front of you. You have a wealth to give to the world that’s just waiting for you. Don’t limit yourself.  Free yourself. And remember you are worthy always and forever. Don’t doubt this. It doesn’t matter what people say or do. You are loved. You can love. You will love. You are love. That above all else please remember, dear one.

Remember dear one that people must leave when they’ve served their purpose in your life; please don’t cry… And you’ll realize all this on the other side dear one. But for now please believe us and try not to be sad over the perceived loss when you are actually all one. There is no separation as difficult as that is for you to perceive or comprehend. You are all parts of the Divine energy force. So he is you and you are him and you are all one, so he has not left you and your love is eternal as your life is eternal. So remember him fondly and love him forever without sadness. For this is what you must do and move on, move forward. Keep moving forward…Don’t get disheartened.

There are much greater things lined up for you. Grieve if you must but remember you are loved. And there’s much greater love for you. Moving forward. Please remember this. And don’t get stuck in the past while working out this as the future is waiting for your love. Don’t close off. Don’t shut down. We need you in the future. There’s much work to be done. Don’t forget that you are loved and these men do love you forever. Their time was just up and they moved on so you could learn your lesson.

You will have more. Don’t fret or regret. There’s always more for you dear one. He wasn’t meant to be here forever. He has work to be done just as you have. He was meant to be with you and you fulfilled your destiny together. He thinks of you dearly…He will always think of you fondly… time moves, time sits still for no man…But also know that it won’t be forever, that you will be reunited soon enough.

The pain in your heart will go away and be replaced by God’s eternal love and illumination. Pain fades but love never dies.

-the end-

2 thoughts on “Angelic Messages

  1. Lovely message, Allison (is that your name?) a true wonderful message!, Why do you think is from angels? This happened just after you found those emails and right for the eclipse that sent your chart trembling! Sorry! it’s just that these winged creatures are a creation of the catholic church, not of astrology!With Saturn on the asc one tends to revise one’s past and finish or mourn situations that one didn’t get the chance to do. It helps you properly finish with them, so that you can move on.
    That eclipse moved that part or yourself that was probably locked by fear. You are now free. Like your blog!

    • Hi Cristina (is that your name?),

      Thanks for your comments! It is not my belief that angels were created by the Catholic church. They were created by God, the Universal Energy (or whatever you like to call It (this *my* belief).

      I don’t believe they’re winged creatures, either. They’re Energy. And they’ll take the form with which we are most comfortable/familiar when they visit. Personally, when I see them, they are energy/light, usually.

      It’s my intuition that told me it was angelic. It was a sense that I had. And with this Uranus transit to my Sun, I’ve had *many* more intuitive experiences (than my normal). I also have Pluto sitting on my IC (squaring my Moon). So yes, the eclipse was conjunct that and so triggered that which I described.

      You can email me privately if you’d like to chat further.

      Take care,

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