Hidden in Plain View

Well, I’m half-way through my four week astrology class and have yet to post about it. My apologies. I’ve had a busy two weeks. I’ve taken another course, one on Eclipses, and been very busy with my LOA  sessions/homework/projects, then had an hour phone session earlier this week with an Evolutionary astrologer (all of which I intend to write about–mark my words!).

To be honest, all of this has taken a lot out of me physically and mentally and I haven’t felt inspired to write (and I need to feel inspired to write). I’m literally aching. Not good.

I will write a bit here now, but I’m seriously looking into getting some energy healing work done on me (again) or perhaps body work, so that I can return to my previous state of health (more about this later) and have it in me again to feel inspired to write.

So…my June 9th class–last night– Despite the aches, I attended class and I’m glad I did. More than what I learned in the class–I always learn so much just getting to know my fellow students and then looking at their charts–real-world experience, I think they call it.

My Taurus friend’s chart: I glanced at it and immediately noticed that her Neptune and Saturn are exactly conjunct and also exactly conjunct her IC. I asked her if she was a healer (as a recent realization for me–Neptune at the IC equates with major healing ability). She said, Yes. And I asked her if she was an artist (the planets were in Libra and her natal Venus is  opposed it, up at the Midheaven, conjunct it from the 9th house) and she replied, Yes, that her previous profession was that of an opera singer.

That’s when I noticed the “performer” aspects in her chart: Leo rising, Moon in Leo close to her Ascendant but from the 12th house  and Pluto in Leo in the first (house), which I told her provides strong stage presence and confidence in front of a crowd.

That was my brief synopsis of her chart, just from first glance of it. I found her chart very, very interesting. I hope I get a chance to chat with her further and find out what kind of healing she does.

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