Transits in the Formative Years

I just learned today that it’s the 25th anniversary (to the day) of my high school graduation. Instead of feeling old (I really don’t!) my mind immediately turned to astrology. And I wondered which transits were going on, on this day twenty-five years ago and how these transits affected my decisions, my future college years and career trajectory even.

So checked out the transits I did, as well as my progressed chart to see what was happening. I immediately noticed that Neptune was at 7 Capricorn. It was squaring my natal moon *exactly*! And it was also conjuncting my IC, that part of the chart that is your home base, where you find your stability; and it rules your actual home as well as your psychological bearings. Can you say mine were in flux? Um, to say the least; both emotionally and physically as I moved away from home for the first time later that summer.

photo by geishaboy500

And as the Moon rules that area of the chart as well, a square aspect to that, made it sort of a double whammy. Neptune can dissolve whatever it touches. So for me, it was my home base. And with it squaring my Moon, even though my spirituality developed significantly at the time, it took the form of feeling a sense of disconnect with other people. I was meditating every day and felt in touch with my Spirit to an immense degree (a level I hadn’t returned to until recently) but still a teenager, I really felt like I was *the only one* on this spiritual path; or at least the only one my own age. So I felt a bit sad.

I did feel a great sense of freedom moving away from home as my spiritual practices were frowned on at my parents’ house and I basically had to do them in secret. So, at my new space I could meditate whenever I wanted- expansive, in that respect.

Interestingly right *now* Pluto is at 8 degrees of Capricorn, squaring my Moon and conjuncting my IC–a very different transit and a post (story) for another day!

Looking as a whole–our graduating class had our Saturn at mid-late degrees of Aries and so, had Jupiter by transit, conjuncting it. Talk about symbolism for completing a phase of education and moving on! Spot on there!

I also had Mercury (with Mars conjunct it) up at my MC. I’ve noticed that when Mercury hits one of my angles (Asc./Desc./IC/MC) I receive significant news or have a significant event (not always but more often than not). So, there you go.

On the day of the graduation, the NN (north node) at 9 Aries exactly squared the 9 Cancer Mars (closely squared Mercury 7 Cancer) and on the other side also squared Neptune 7 Capricorn (forming a Tsquare aspect). I would say that as a class, that day, with Mars opposing Neptune in square to North Node, we were feeling nostalgic but excited to move on with things at the same time. A powerful day for a graduation!

My progressed chart’s Moon was at 0 Sagittarius that day–again a significant time–and ruled by Jupiter, so it’s about higher education; and coming off of a two and a half year deep, dark period with the progressed Moon in Scorpio. Yep; that definitely was my experience of (most of) high school.

What is significant to me though, is my Neptune transit. Neptune moves slowly so that I had that transit through the end of that year then (through retrograde) again in September/October of the next year. And true to the textbook description of the transit, I felt disillusioned, yes, and as if in a fog and a bit spacey, to be honest.

photo by snappybex

This was not the ideal transit to have at a time in life when you’re trying to figure out a major in college and what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. At a point when I was disillusioned with the world and much preferred sitting and meditating and painting and not thinking about next year or the rest of my life, that’s what I was told I must do. It explains a lot, believe me. I vacillated for years until just now getting back to brass tacks, with a newfound awareness of my place in the world.

I appreciate Neptune for the connection it brings to the ethereal side of things. But good luck finding your way out of a wet paper bag!

It’s so great that I learned of this graduation anniversary today. The whole idea of transits during our formative years and how significant they are on our developing psyches intrigues me now. I’ll delve more into the subject and hopefully have many more posts on it.

Stay tuned!